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Ready to use final coat decorative plaster in paste form, based on acrylic polymers, colored aggregates of high quality and of selected grain size mixed with other enhancement additives. It is used as decorative, final coat plaster, when high demands on esthetical and qualitative properties are required. Suitable to use on interior or exterior surfaces.
It can apply on almost all kinds of common smooth building substrates, like those made with plasters or fair faces concrete, on cement or gypsum boards, on metallic or wooden surfaces, on pvc or glasses, etc. Is also special recommended as final coat plaster on building facades protected with thermal insulated materials (part of the external thermal insulation system).


  • Excellent product of high quality and of a unique esthetical result.
  • It provides excellent water repellency and vapor permeability.
  • Ensures high adhesion with all kinds of substrates and high elasticity.
  • It is easy, simple and fast in application.
  • It produced regularly in specific color nuances, while it can also  produced (according to the orders) in various color combinations. 
      The applied substrate should be stable, dry and clean from any remnants (like dust, or any other residues). Firstly we proceed with the application of the acrylic primer Easymix 2060, in case of noon absorptive pre paint, very smooth substrates with silicone paints is better to apply the silicone primer Easymix 2080. After the primed surfaces dried well we homogenized the content of the buckets and start the application with the Décor stone. The application can be made by hand using a metallic stainless steel spatula or a hard plastic one. Approximately twenty to thirty minutes later (depends on the substrate and the weather conditions) and when the applied plaster is still wet we can proceed with the final treatment of the covered surface by pressing the spatula equally in certain directions. With this final spatula treatment on the applied surface we can assume both: an equal thickness layer as well as a better sickness of the applied material. All used tools should be clean with clean water, immediately after work finishing.
      The fresh applied surface should be protected for the next 24-48 hours from direct rain and extreme climatic conditions.
      The product application should be avoided when outdoor temperature is lower than 5oC or higher than 35oC.  

      Approx. 3.5-4.0 kg/m2

      Vapor permeability: Sd<1m
      Density: 1,50-1,65 kg/l
      Water absorption: <0,15 kg/m2.h0.5
      Voc content: < 40g/l

      In plastic buckets of 25 kg.

      At least 12 months (in unopened buckets) from the production date, in a protected from frost, high temperature and direct sunlight, warehouses.



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